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Sept. 2 | First day of school

Leadership Class Rocks

We wanted to share with you the results of the “Passion Project” Fundraisers that the students in Leadership chose and worked on this year; some students selected the same cause, so the $$ total is for the organization for the entire year. Our students are awesome! Rosemary Rice is also awesome!! Thank you to the teachers who mentored these projects!! You have made a difference!

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the manager of Roth’s. Rick has generously donated every product our students have requested; without these donations, our students would not have been able to make as much profit for their chosen cause. Thank you McMinnville Roth’s and Manager Rick Almeida! Advisor Maria Drennen

“Passion Projects”

  1. Escuela Los Nubes - $112.90
  2. Beds for Kids - $212.20
  3. Casa de Paz - $146.96
  4. Doernbecher –  $1,187.52
  5. Nothing but Nets - $112.74
  6. DisneyLand fund for a family in Mac - $665.64
  7. Church on the Hill - $70.56 (plus $4,800 given directly to the church on behalf of this cause)
  8. Heifer International $274.27
  9. Candlelighters - $247.39
  10. Red Cross - $265.56
  11. Orphanage in India (where Ariana S. was adopted!) - $459.95
  12. Not for Sale - $106.20
  13. Guide Dog Foundation - $377.39
  14. Make a Wish Foundation – $434.60
  15. Canines for Kids - $98.12
  16. World Vision - $574.00
  17. Autism Speaks - $93.98
  18. Tourettes Research - $223.06
  19. Samaritan’s Purse - $115.03
  20. Syrian Relief - $66.53
  21. Homeward Bound – $152.56
  22. Oregon Humane Society - $20
  23. Local Child in DHS Custody  - $69.35
  24. Wounded Warrior Project - $129.86
  25. My Voice Music, Inc - $75.56
  26. Habitat for Humanity - $89.75
  27. See ya Later Foundation - $372.60
  28. Helping Hands Monkey Helpers - $115.25
  29. Medical Teams International - $58.20
  30. March of Dimes - $170.00
  31. My Stuff Bags Foundation - $110.00
  32. St. Judes Children’s Hospital - $603.54
  33. Blood to Water Mission - $44.68
  34. Father’s Homecare Ministries - $474.75

Special projects:

  1. Moore Family Fundraising - $45.25
  2. Lifeskills Budge Fundraising - $104.15
  3. Pennies for Patients Fundraising (school-wide) $360.00

Fundraising Total for the 2013-2014 School Year by Duniway Leadership Class: $13,597.10

LipDub  Video

8th grade Duniway news crew creates lip dub to celebrate the end of the school year.

7th Grade Annual Beach Trip

Service Day

Duniway students give back to the community. Slide Show


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If your child is sick or will not be attending school, please call the main office (503.565.4400) to report the absence as early in the day as possible. This will help enormously with the safety calls we make to families who haven’t contacted us regarding their child’s absence. Thank you.

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Principal's Message

Greetings ~

“Carpe Diem!” greets students, staff, and visitors in hallways and classroom doorways throughout Duniway Middle School. This theme serves as our daily guide as we implement strategies and practices that allow and encourage all staff and students to “Seize the day!” In actuality, we seize each moment before, during, and after school to facilitate student achievement. We have a deep commitment to providing a balanced program of academics, electives, advisory, opportunities for community service, and extra-curricular activities to meet the unique social, emotional, and cognitive needs of our students. We honor diversity and create opportunities for all our students to seize the day inside and outside the classroom.

Our collaborative spirit defines us and is tangible upon entering the building, and we all take ownership in creating an inviting climate that allows optimum learning to take place, understanding that we are giving our students a foundation for their future, which includes high school and beyond. Personalizing our environment for adults and students is a guiding principle. It is critical to us that not a single one of our students is anonymous; we know our students and we seize every opportunity to meet their needs. Grade level teams of teachers, counselors, specialists, and administrators meet formally every two weeks – and informally daily – to celebrate student successes and plan layers of support for students struggling academically, socially, or behaviorally & We listen to student voices and encourage students to lead. Our students know Duniway is their school, and that makes all things possible.

For the second year in a row we have received statewide recognition for outstanding student performance, having been named one of the top ten middle schools in Oregon, which places us in the top 5% of all middle schools in our state. Additionally, Duniway received an Outstanding rating on our Oregon State Report Card, a rating only received by 32% of all schools K-12. Your children are in the hands of talented and knowledgeable educators!

As always, my door is open. I welcome conversation and enjoy hearing your insights.

Cathy Carnahan

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