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April 30 | 1st Grade Evergreen Museum Trip  Dinger/Thomas

May 1 | Spring Fling


June 10 | Last day of school for students




Regular School Hours

1st – 5th Grades
8:00 - 2:30

Morning Kindergarten
8:00 - 10:45

Afternoon Kindergarten
11:45 - 2:30

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:00-4:00

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Phone | 503.565.4800
Attendance | 503.565.4803


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Paper Gardens is a project of the Arts Alliance of Yamhill County.
Students from 15 different schools from across the County from elementary to high schools, as well as adults ,participate in a poetry and prose writing contest each spring!
Memorial had 14 winners this year, more than any other elementary school.
These students will be recognized at the Paper Gardens Awards Celebration on Friday, April 17th at Chemeketa Community College in McMinnville.
They will receive a copy of the 2015 Paper Gardens Book with their writing included in the book.
The students below are Memorial students who received an award in their category!


Poetry - Children’s Free Verse
Sophia James    Grade 5
Kade Weeks  Grade 5

Honorable Mentions
Margaret Bowman  Grade 4
Cali Willius  Grade 5

Poetry - Children’s Free Verse - Limericks
Blake Harris  Grade 5

Poetry - Children’s Free Verse - Diamantes / Diamond Poems
Quincy Reuter   Grade 5
Anna Gerber    Grade 5
Morgan Gerhart   Grade 5

Poetry - Children’s Haiku
Sierra Savage   Grade 5
William Nice     Grade 4  
Poetry - Children’s Poetry of Place
Aanya Bhatia    Grade 5
Peyton Scales   Grade 5

Prose - Children Short Story
Kaia Brantner   Grade 5

Prose - Children Essay of Place
Adeline Rich     Grade 4



Watch Dogs

Memorial Elementary is now a WatchD.O.G.S. school. This is a program sponsored by the PTA and endorsed by the Memorial staff where adult male volunteers (fathers, grandfathers, uncles, significant male role models, etc.) will volunteer for a day in the school as well as some time in their child’s classroom. Parent WatchDog updates.



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